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Eurotrade Global Ltd was established in 1998 by experienced entrepreneurs. 
Our aim is to do business successfully with companies from All Over the World.

Eurotrade Global has a vast portfolio of successful business dealings and finished turnkey projects. 
We have been very active in designing and supplying to car manufacturing, rail carriage building and construction and oil and gas companies both new and re-conditioned equipment to modernize small to medium-sized businesses using robots KUKA or to expand the existing business.

Please do not hesitate contact us if you want to find out how we can co-operate together.

                                     Office in Belarus & CIS:
                                          Eurotrade Global Ltd.
                                          35A Ponomarenko
                                          Minsk 220015
                                          tel: +375 172 517727
                                          e-mail: etg@bk.ru


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