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Drilling rig

Exploration drilling rig ZBO S15 was designed on the basis of the Canadian analog, but in comparison has a number of competitive advantages such as:

·               the price of ZBO S15 is 30% lower than the price of imported models;

·               complex delivery with a set of drilling tools;

·               personal service;

·               no customs clearance and fast delivery;

·               short-term of spare parts and accessories supply.

·               Drill Control System;

ZBO Drill Control System displays technological characteristics of the drilling process on-screen in real-time:

  • string weight;
  • string rotation speed;
  • bottomhole load;
  • torque;
  • flow rate and pressure of the drilling mud;
  • diesel engine control system.

Data is recorded and stored on the removable medium. The database can be transmitted by any channels. The system can be installed on any hydraulic machine.


Distinctive features
1. Telescopic mast
Patented by ZBO telescoping mast reduces work time and resources spent during preparation and completion of drilling process. The mast enables to work with 6 m long rods.
2. Control and registration system ZBO Drill Control
Allows to display technological characteristics of the drilling process on screen in real time (rotation speed, weight of drill string, push down force, torque of drill string, consumption and pressure of drilling fluid, diesel engine control), and to record, store and transmit drilling information by GPRS during the process.
3. Use of large-diametr pipes in casing
The design of the rig includes folding rotator with a stroke of 3.25 m and rod holder which provides retention of drill string in the absence of pressure in the hydraulic system.
4. Easy changing drill bits
The mast moving for 1.4 m in the lower carriage simplifies changing of the drill bit.
5. Balanced WireLine winch cable system
Implements uniform cable winding. Contributes more uniform winch operation mode, that extends the life term of the WireLine cable.
6. Automatic rod handling system
Automatic system for handling drill rods can be offered as an option to a customer.
7. Complex «TURNKEY» solutions
Delivery of drilling rig with a set of drilling tools and related equipment (drill rods, diamond drill bits, reagents for drilling muds) is possible.
8. Packaging
The rig can be fixed on any chassis with load capacity of over 10 tons, with power take-off from the chassis or external engine. Drill rig can be supplied in a special designed drill shack. Transport position dimensions do not exceed 2.5 m, operation position is 3.2 m.

B (55.6 mm)


Control and registration system

ZBO Drill Control

Dimensions in operating position (90°) L×W×H, mm


Dimensions in transport position L×W×H, mm


Drill shack

Drill shack is designed to cover the drill rig, allows to operate in conditions of frequent transportation for long distances by the roads of any complexity

Drilling depth (with fluids), m


Gross weight, kg


H (89.0 mm)

855 (1150 for Thin-Wall WireLine drill rods H)

Load capacity spinner, tn


Load capacity winch, tn


Maximum torque, Nm


N (69.9 mm)

1260 (1680 for Thin-Wall WireLine drill rods N)

P (114.3 mm)

555 (790 for Thin-Wall WireLine drill rods P)

Speed ​​range, r/min


Stroke cylinder, m



Please go to www.argusindustry.com  to get a full information or send your enquiry to etguk@btinternet.com or argusin@btinternet.com



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