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We offer a range of fully automatic core material loading machines.
Generally used for loading EPS and or Mineral wool.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

We also can offer a range of machinery specifically designed for the loading and end milling of EPS. The EPS is supplied in slab form and loaded onto the machine as a stack of EPS. In Automatic the machine will pick a sheet of EPS off the pack and place it on a side pusher table. The pusher table will then push the EPS through end millers, forming the male and female joints for continuous panel production. After the end milling, the EPS will then be pushed into a continuous panel production machine via the main pusher.

Mineral Wool

We can offer a range of machinery specifically designed for the loading of mineral wool slab and lamellas.
The Mineral Wool will be supplied on pallets either in slab or lamella form. The mineral wool will be picked and placed using pin grippers on an automatic machine.
When the mineral wool is placed on the pusher table, the wool will be pushed into the laminating machine using a staggered pusher.


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